About Sonny’s Hideaway

Sonny’s Hideaway is a travel website dedicated to those who prefer to wander off the beaten track. Our articles cater to finding destinations that aren’t in any tourist brochures, charting paths away from the interstates and ensuring solo travelers can enjoy their journeys.

Off the Track Travel

Not everyone enjoys staying at hotels or visiting destinations frequented by hordes of tourists. Sonny’s Hideaway presents information that helps those who would rather go off the interstate and explore what backroads and hidden counties have to offer. Our articles on travel include reviews about exceptional destinations and must-see locales for the intrepid backpacker.

Practical Advice

When you’re traveling in the back of a car or with just a backpack strapped to your shoulders, you’ll no doubt need some help on what to pack and what to bring. Sonny’s Hideaway offers practical advice to all sorts of travelers. Unsure of what to bring, so you can enjoy a lengthy stretch or roadtripping?

We’ve got just the articles for you. Preparing for a summer crisscrossing through the Midwest? Our guides can show you which roads are the best and the most cost-affordable places for you to stay in.

Sonny’s Hideaway’s articles will always have something that can help you discover and experience new places.


Meet the Writers

William Stevenson

William Stevenson

William is the proud owner of a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle named Claudia. William and Claudia routinely travel America’s byways and roads in search of adventure.

Bethany Hopper

Bethany Hopper

Beth and her wife spend their honeymoon camping for two weeks. When she isn’t writing for our site, Beth is outdoors with her fishing line and bowie knife.

Henry Marlowe

Henry Marlowe

Henry grew up in a small Maine town and was basically raised by wolves, according to his ma. Today, Henry still prefers ranging Maine’s forests with his two dogs, Lydia and Stiles.




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